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From The Desk Of Peter Paterson
Full Time Internet Marketer

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So you have done your homework, discovered your profitable niche, the right product, (whether it be yours or an affiliate product) set up your blog and you're ready to have the profits come rolling in! Or are you?

Too often, the scenario I see is this: Novice marketers set up the site, (which is all beautifully set up), let it run Live and expect to see hordes of people stampeding over to them and buying their products. I'd hate to say this but: No, that doesn't happen in real life.

You see, thanks to the interactive nature of the web nowadays you are expected to have a couple of things besides good content on your site:

Mind you, all these methods may be free but they won't be easy to implement. I should know, when I first started it took me months to consistently hit page one on the search engines!

Yes, now, I appear first on the search results time after time but that is the result of a year's worth of intensive trial and error concerning the various search engine optimization and traffic generation methods.

Today, I have no problem making a site achieve first page ranking easily with my personal step by step method on traffic generation which I carry with me all the time. This year, however, after seeing tons of marketers crash and burn in their attempt to achieve first page rankings with their sites, it was time for me to let them in on my tried and proven techniques of having swarms of hungry prospects flooding their sites.

In just minutes from now, you can be well on your way to uncovering the blueprints to putting your offer in front of more buying customers than ever before.

Without Traffic No Online Business Can Succeed.

If you have ever wondered why you are not seeing much money after spending hours putting up a website and developing a product, or if you have ever wondered what the one key is to increasing your income online then this short letter has the answer for you. The answer to your question is simply TRAFFIC!

Plain and simple without traffic a website will fail. It is not rocket science, it is just plain fact. You can have the best looking website and the best concept ever online, but with no visitors to the site the website cannot produce anything for you.

You need actual people looking at your offer and your website for it to do anything for you. If you want to increase your profits on an existing website one of the tried and true things you can do is to increase traffic. So it is safe to say that we all agree that a website needs traffic to succeed online and if you want to make more than you are currently making online than you need more traffic.

You Not Only Need Traffic, You Need The RIGHT KIND Of Traffic!

Now that we understand, we need not only visitors to our website, if we are to succeed online, but we need to understand that now, the focus needs to be on the right kind of visitors. This is much easier than you might think! Basically you need people that are specifically interested in what you have to offer to find your website. This means if someone goes online and conducts a search for your niche they need to find your site.

For example, if someone is trying to purchase a certain brand of golf club and you sell that brand of golf club as an affiliate, you want your website to come up, so that targeted visitor will be more apt to conduct business with you and ultimately make you money. The same things goes if you sell a computer repair ebook. If someone types in computer repair help into Google or another search engine and your site comes up you will be receiving a targeted visitor.


Fast Site Traffics Videos - The Course for Setting up your own FREE Traffic System!

How would you like an extra 20 Unique Visitors per day? Perhaps 50, 150, 1000? With our in-depth traffic guide, we introduce you to the FREE traffic streams that can build your business from scratch.

Imagine putting in place a process of traffic that you simply cannot switch off? Visitors from across the globe and from various traffic sources!

Would you be happy to open up your Stats Pages if that were the case?

Of Course you would... Read on to find out how you can access this course right now.

If you were happy or not, it matters not :) All you need to know is that Traffic built in the correct way equals payments in your bank account. Let's explore a few numbers quickly.

326 - 18% - 9% = 5 * $30 = $150

Imagine if you could only build a small traffic trickle to begin with, and from that process, you achieved 326 new unique Visitors to your site each day. With a reasonable conversion on your FREE OFFER, you get 18% of those people to opt in to your list and then 9% of those purchase your first offer.

Your product sells at $30 a time, which means you just made $150 in sales revenue from your web site!

The really awesome part, is that you added 58 people to your list, and you sold 5 copies of your product. This still leaves the other 53 on your free list to build a relationship with and make sales from, later on down the road.

$150 per day is not too shabby either! With no sales on Christmas day, you still make over $50K from just one of your sites, and with only a little traffic volume.

Just a final stat for you to consider. Every Visitor to this sample site is worth around $0.46c. That's 46 Cents per unique visitor to the site.

Now imagine that you applied more and more focus to your traffic plan and you had 2000 uniques per day across one or more of your product sites. That's $920 per day in potential traffic value :) or over $335,000.00 per year in sales revenue.

Read On To Learn How You Can Start Getting Targeted Traffic On Demand To Your Website And Offer So You Can Start Seeing More Profits Fast!

So now that you know just how important website traffic is to your online business I am going to help you get the traffic you need to start seeing a profit online. I have assembled a one of a kind 9 part intensive online coaching program so you can finally uncover the most profitable methods for promoting your business online.

This is a compilation of the SEO and traffic generation methods that have worked over the years for me like gangbusters, and you can now have the same bees-to-honey effect with your prospects!

This powerful guide holds many keys to generating loads of traffic, including:

The hands on training allows you to actually see me implementing my special traffic generation strategies right before your eyes! There will be no guessing at all as you will see exactly what I am doing right in front of you!

This is truly a complete training system. We are providing you with our complete online traffic generation sources. These are the tried and proven techniques that I have been using to quietly drive thousands of visitors to my own sites and my client's websites. By teaching you to leverage these traffic sources with this innovative way of online marketing, I will be empowering your business to reach new heights, and the best part is that you can take what we teach you and use it over and over and over again!

These methods are powerful in themselves, but when you combine them together, they synergistically work to help you dominate your niches and help bring your business message to thousands of targeted customers. Drive traffic exponentially, and from more places online.


Fast Sites Traffic

Fast SItes Traffic

Learn EVERYTHING You Need to Drive Traffic to Your Site

How would you like to watch a series of videos, that show you exactly, step-by-step, how to master the art of traffic generation in just a few hours time?

The entire video series is presented using an easy step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

This awesome video training series will cut short your learning curve and ensure you are able to pick up the skills with ease and skyrocket your results!

So What's Included In This Training?

Here's a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to Traffic Generation video 1 dvd case

The sole focus of this video is on how you can start generating traffic quickly and easily on a step-by-step basis, beginning with methods that take time to drive traffic to your site but continue to do so on a consistent basis thereafter.


Follow this step-by-step plan and traffic generation problems that you may have suffered will rapidly become a thing of the past.

  • You'll discover in this introduction that pulling visitors to your site is critically important.
  • What you need are targeted visitors, people who come to your site because they are already interested in your topic or subject matter.

Module 2: Seo Concept

SEO concepts and pratices

Learn how to do SEO like a seasoned professional with this in depth SEO training module.


SEO is one of the best marketing strategies online because once you know how to do it you can get free traffic to your website. Inside this video you will learn how to do SEO like a pro in no time at all.


This video will run you through all the keyword tactics you need to follow to really make a splash in the SEO pond and get tons of free visitors to your site.

  • Get all the fast track training you need to do SEO like a true pro
  • Discover the key search engines you need to be working with to make sure your site is found online
  • Learn about the keywords you need to avoid if you want to get buying customers to your site
  • How to spot keywords where you can rank for multiple terms online for more traffic


Module 3: Building a Network of Sites

network of websites and how they generate traffic

There are many, many places where you can create mini-sites on third party platforms which you do not control. These mini-sites represent the perfect places to publish different versions of your articles which you created in the last chapter. Doing this will help to generate both links to your site and targeted traffic as well.

  • You'll discover the advantages of building a network of mini-sites on several different platforms far outweighs the potential downsides.
  • Discover the links that you can generate to your main moneymaker are all extremely valuable.
  • increases the overall strength of the mini-network that you are just about to start building.
  • Advantage of free web hosting to build an even bigger linked network of sites.


Module 4: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking the silent traffic generator

Discover how to leverage social bookmarking for a serious influx of traffic.


Inside this video we will cover proven techniques to get traffic to your site using social bookmarking. Some of the top sites online today are social bookmarking sites so they are a crucial part of the process of getting traffic to your website.

  • How to use social bookmarking to get more traffic to your site.
  • How to increase the exposure of your website using social bookmarking.
  • The exact pages you need to bookmark for maximising your traffic.


Module 5: Video As a Viral Marketing Tools

video as a viral marketing tool

Learn why video marketing can seriously increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your online business.


Inside this video we will cover online marketing video strategies, and how to drive more traffic with video marketing. You can get a ton of traffic with video and your video can also go viral and get you massive exposure. Videos get great rankings so this is a very powerful method of getting traffic that cannot be ignored.

  • How to create and submit videos to major networks.
  • How to access free software to make money with your videos.


Module 6: Social Networking

Social networking for traffic

Using social networking sites is another excellent way of driving targeted visitors to your site as long as the list of ‘friends’ that you begin to accumulate are business targeted.


Inside this video we will cover social networking strategies that will drive more targeted traffic to your sites.

  • How to drive targeted traffic using social networking sites.
  • How to create social accounts for your business activities.
  • The key to generating targeted traffic from social networking sites.


Module 7: Advertising Part 1 & Part 2

Paid advertising techniques to generate traffic

There is no doubt that in terms of generating targeted traffic to a site quickly, there is nothing more effective than placing AdWords adverts on the search results pages but of course, doing so costs money.


Inside this video we will cover video strategies so you can get more traffic using paid advertising.

  • How to create effective adverts that convert visitors into customers.
  • How to generate targeted traffic to a site quickly.
  • Using AdWords to promote your business.


Module 8: Get Others To Do The Work For You

Freelance workers - traffic generation on autopilot

You have probably guessed by now that if you follow every step of the traffic generation program set out in these videos, there is a degree of work involved and it obviously makes sense to get others to help you whenever you can.


There are a few ways that you can do this, some of which may be more obvious than the others.

  • How to outsource some of the work to freelance workers.
  • Affiliates and joint-venture partners.
  • Best sites to find joint-venture partners.
  • How to test market your product or service.


Soon, You Will Be Learning How To Use All Of These Websites And More To Massively Increase Your Online Exposure!

You Will Now Know What It Takes To Get Traffic!

And you are in total control of the decision to move forward.

You too can achieve results like you see above. Isn't it time you take action before your competition does? These tactics you are about to discover are powerful ways to generate an avalanche of online exposure.

If you do everything that you have read about in this report, you will very quickly put your business in a position where you are seeing hundreds of targeted visitors arriving on your site every day, with increasing numbers visiting daily.

But Wait! That's Not All!

It's time for...

Look, I know if you grab my product and put it to use it could change your life. I also know that if you're like most people, you will procrastinate. I know what it's like to procrastinate, and in the past, I missed out on some great opportunities because of it.

I don't want that to happen to you.

So I'm going to reward you for taking action, giving this a shot and moving forward to realize your dreams of financial freedom. With that said, I've created three special "fast action" bonuses. These are going to be available to the "early birds" who grab Fast Sites Traffic during our launch phase!

Fast Action Bonus# 1 - Full Transcript Of The Course

Take Action NOW And We'll Provide You With A Full Transcript Of The Course Absolutely FREE!


written transcript of the video ecourse from fast sites traffic

Take action and place your order today and we'll add a complementary transcript of the entire course! We were going to sell this separately as an up-sell however, to get you started and to keep you focused we have decided to give you this FREE.


Print it out, read it before bedtime, or read it straight from your computer. Use the transcript if you need to clarify a point, or just skim read to re-inforce the video training!

Fast Action Bonus# 2 - Full Recording Of The Course

Take Action NOW And We'll Provide You With The Full Recording In MP3 Format Too!


mp3 audio transcript of the video ecourse from fast sites traffic

To help you further, we'll even provide you with the MP3 recordings of the course.


This way you can learn whilst you are driving, take it with you on whilst jogging, or listen to the recording whilst away from the PC.


Again we were planning to sell this separately as an up-sell however we believe in overdelivering and helping you achieve success in every way possible.


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